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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

Dr. Celeste Quan, ND and Doula
Meet Dr. Celeste Quan


Health and well-being has always been a big part of Dr. Celeste Quan's life. After overcoming childhood eczema, she was intrigued by the options naturopathic medicine offered, and was drawn to its simple yet core principles. She graduated from an accredited school for naturopathic medicine in New Westminster, BC, and has now returned to her hometown Calgary to work with her fellow residents to reach their own personal health goals. She is also a DONA trained birth support (doula). 

Natural medicine - herbs, supplements
Holistic. Alternative. Natural. 
Historically, naturopathic medicine was the original medicine. It encompasses many different healing therapies that have been used for thousands for years to improve a person's health  and well-being. Today, this also includes scientific knowledge and the latest research that have shown to benefit our health. 

Birth Support

Interested in having a doula on your birth team? With training as a naturopathic doctor and as a doula, Dr. Celeste Quan is excited to work with women and their partners towards a birth of their dreams. 

Naturopathic Medicine

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