Naturopathic Consultations


Initial Naturopathic Visit

1.5 hrs   |    $180.00

This hour-and-a-half initial visit is for first time patients. In this time, a full health history will be taken, beginning with your most recent health concerns. This will give the best picture of what's going with your health. 

Health kids, happy kids

Initial Pediatric Visit

1.5 hrs   |    $130.00

This visit is for children (0-18 years) only. As with an adult initial visit, a full health history will be taken to better understand your child's health. 

Fertility and conception- hope for a new family

Initial Fertility Visit

1.5 hrs   |    $180.00

This consultation focuses on fertility and conception. Both members of the couple planning to conceive may attend the visit together, though follow-up visits will be separate. 

Acupuncture, natural medicine

45-minute Follow-Up Visit

45 minutes    |    $125.00

This follow-up visit is for annual check-ins, acupuncture treatments, and visits that require extra time to refine the treatment plan. 

Bodywork-realignment of the body

Bodywork Treatment

45 minutes   |    $100.00

Bodywork treatments combine massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture methods to help realign the body. It has been shown to effectively improve chronic back pain, and pain from motor vehicle accidents and other injuries.

natural medicine - homeopathy

30-minute Follow-Up Visit

30 minutes   |    $90.00

A 30-minute follow-up visit is booked to review current treatments and to modify or add treatments to your plan.

Acupuncture, natural medicine

Free 15-minute Visit

15 minutes    |    FREE

This short appointment will allow for you to ask more about naturopathic medicine and how it can help your health. This session may only be offered once to each patient, and does not replace an initial consultation, and no medical advice will be given without a thorough health history.

Acupuncture, natural medicine

IV and Injection Therapy

30 minutes    |    Varies

Get the most out of your nutrients. Step into the world of IV and injection therapy, where 100% of your nutrients are absorbed. Beneficial to help with energy, mood, sleep, anxiety and depression, exercise recovery, and whatever else life throws at you. 

* Not available for online booking.