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Birth Rentals

La Bassine Maxi Birth Pool

$200 for 40 days

La Bassine Maxi Birth Pool Kit comes with:

  • 1 La Bassine Maxi Birth Pool

  • 1 Disposable Birth Pool Liner (required during use of the pool)

  • 1 Submersible pump

  • 1 25" Water Hose (for filling and draining, yours to keep afterward)

  • Tap adapters

  • 1 Mesh Scoop

  • 1 Instruction Nanual

  • 1 Carrying Box for all Contents


External: 75" x 65" x 28"

Internal: 57" x 46" x 25"

Holds 246 liters of water at 80% full

Service Features:

No need to buy all the parts individually yourself, let us do all the work for you in this pre-assembled kit

Conveniently located in Calgary's Northwest to serve rentals exclusively to North Calgary and Airdrie

Approved for use by a Naturopathic Doctor, doula and birth educator

Drop-off and Pick-up services available upon inquiry

A new fitted liner specific to the La Bassine Maxi Birth Pool and hose provided for hygiene purposes

The La Bassine Maxi Birth Pool is sanitized after each rental and checked for leaks or defect

Rental for 40 days (from 37 weeks) until 2-3 days after you give birth, so you can take your time

Bundle discounts available on 2 or more services

la bassine maxi pool.png

3 separate chambers

in case one gets punctured, water will still be held by the other two chambers

2 top handles

for ease and stability while entering and exiting the pool

Eco-friendly vinyl

 highly durable (0.45mm thick) that does not contain phthalates, lead, cadmium

4 solid internal handles

in just the right places  and comfortable to hold onto while labouring and pushing

Transparent sides

allows midwives good visibility from the outside

Cocoon-like shape

allows for 2 people to fit in

the elongated shape;

induces deep relaxation

la bassine maxi inside.jpg

Max water line 

to ensure the best amount of water to feel secure and relaxed

Inflatable 3" floor

gives comfort while kneeling or squatting positions

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